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Makin’ A Big Splash!


Can you hear little Carrie Anne announcing, “THEY’RE HERE”……well, it’s true!  We’re here!  Webshoo.com has launched!  We are continuing to collaborate and create, hoping to grow with each blog post to keep our audience engaged and delighted. As you partake in our Webshoo community feel free to contact us ,  speak your mind, make suggestions, […]

Ever Have One Of Those Days?


Everything is going great.   Business is doing well, family is healthy, kids are doing great in school and business leads are pouring in… Feels like a huge Tsunami (wave) is coming down.  Ok may be the wave in my pic above isn’t so big for you Pro surfers! Just need to ride it and […]

Still In My Head

Today’s song in my head is truly a double edged sword. On the one hand, this is a tune that won’t simply dissipate back to your sub-conscious by noon; if you wake up with this jingle in your head, it’s with you all day long. The good part, though, is that constant humming of this song […]

The (D)evolution of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, in a life encompassed by scandal and controversy, died as a shell of an entertainer and a man. What is hardly ever discussed, though, is this point: Michael Jackson died as a shell of a voice. This last recording of Jackson, underscores his final legacy: drugged-up, slurred words, the deep voice of a […]

Corporate Drone Agoniste: A Comic Strip Essay


Valentimes Are a Changing

Remember Valentines Day when you were in elementary school?  Did you make heart pockets out of construction paper or a shoebox mailbox to collect those 15+ perforated Valentines greetings in un-mailable, un-sealable envelopes?  I remember. It’s 2012 and those cartoonish paper Valentines are still on the market.  They’re on the bottom shelf at the drug […]

It’s All in the Technique

I’m not sure if it’s because I was raised Catholic, the eldest daughter or because my parents used the Asian Tiger Mom technique; but I was nurtured to become an overachiever.   Growing up, my parents felt that encouragement was best expressed as follows: “An A minus is not really an A.”  OR  “You ranked […]

Building Webshoo.com Again


The past few years have been very exciting.  Ever since I caught the entrepreneurial bug back in 1996 (owned a Paging Company), I always wanted to run a business.  It took some time to figure out what I wanted to do.  I tried several industries, telecom, insurance and real estate.  Although I achieved modest success […]

An Avocado Fresh Salsa Salad


As you know from previous posts, I started my spiritual fasting on Wednesday.  I originally gave up coffee (Starbucks!), Facebook and video games (yes my boys agreed). So on Friday during meditation, I felt inspired to add on juice fasting for 40 days (Lent).  I am on day 4 and feel great!  My wife (RN) […]

Day 5 Reflection – Ignatian Prayers For Lent

Nothing expresses it better than this quote from one of my favorite authors: It is true to say that for me sanctity consists in being myself and for you sanctity consists in being your self and that, in the last analysis, your sanctity will never be mine and mine will never be yours, except in […]

Day 4 Reflection – Ignatian Prayers For Lent

Been an incredible four days.  It’s been a very long time since I actually made this amount of time for God.  When I had only 2 kids back in the early 200o’s, it was easy to find time and be consistent.  Today, with 7 kids, I’m happy to be able to just sit down and […]

Interior Freedom – Kevin O’Brien, SJ

Kevin O’Brien, SJ, Talks About Interior Freedom

This video and inspiration for this post is from Vinita Hampton’s Days of Deepening Friendship for Women Growing Wiser. It’s that pivot from freedom from all this stuff that weighs us down to freedom to serve, to love, to give back. [pb_vidembed title="" caption="" url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiVJeVXUPeI" type="yt" w="600" h="400"]  

Day 3 Reflection – Ignatian Prayers for Lent

If you haven’t noticed, these reflections are being posted the day after.  I felt it necessary to take as much time to think and meditate on the Ignatian prayers. When I said yes to God back in 2000, my life changed.  I was at an all time low.  Up to my surrender, I had lost […]

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead – True Story

As I fast from the material world, I am getting inspired to extend my fasting to more aspects of my life.  I am feeling a desire to heal my entire being.  I started off with my spirit by doing the Ignatian Prayer Adventure and now want to fast from eating.  I have already removed coffee, […]

Day 2 Reflection – Ignatian Prayers for Lent

My reflection from Day 2 of the Ignatian Prayers. A continuing reminder of how God is always near us, knows us and wants the very best for us.  Much like a parents’ relationship with their child.  Whether the situation be good or bad, in the end, the results makes us a better person.  A good […]

Video Rant About the Modern Man

MachoGeek was created to recapture the machismo elements in every aspect of the, well where ever my reach.  Not about dominating women but simply being more manly.  This video rant by Mike (Tim Allen) of Last Man Standing – ABC TV series, is spot on. Reminds me of the day I found out my sons […]

Why It Is A Challenge For Me To Give Up Facebook?

I’m a big fan of Christine Gambito of HappySlip.com.  Here is her video aptly named “Facebook Fever”.  It will give you a glimpse of my addiction to FB and why it is a struggle to stay away during the Lenten season of 2012.  I have been giving up FB for the past 3 years I […]

Starbucks, Zombies & Facebook Free Hurts

Whoa.  The pain is coming on pretty strong.  The urges are consistent.  And the disconnect from people felt.  If you don’t know, a few days ago, I gave up coffee, video games and Facebook for Lent.  An somewhere in there, I added meat. Well, feeling the loss today. Starbucks Coffee Free To fight off the […]

Day 1 Reflection – Ignatian Prayers for Lent

Reflection of Day 1 in of the Ignatian Prayer Adventure. Once again, I am reminded of God’s providence.  Despite our selves, He is always here through the bad, good and mundane.  When I first had my spiritual conversion back in 2000, the awareness of God’s presence was so overwhelming.  Today, it is a challenge to […]

Some of The Challenges During Prayer

This is an ongoing post series about my experience, reflections during my pursuit of praying the Ignatian Prayers during Lent.   Read the other posts; Bye Facebook, Doing the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises for Lent and First Day of the Ignatian Prayer Adventure. I am committed to the Ignatian Prayers and my giving up of Facebook, Coffee […]

First Day of the Ignatian Prayer Adventure

Prepost Note:  For those of you who don’t know I am a practicing Catholic.  I will be sharing a lot of content that is based on the Catholic Faith.  I’m sure you can find some good things to apply to your self, even if you are not a Catholic.  I am appealing to the universal […]

Bye Facebook, Doing The Ignatian Spiritual Exercises For Lent


Every year, I give up Facebook for the entire Lent.  Being Catholic, I try to live out my Faith as best I can.  Not perfect but I try.  Why Facebook?  It is one of my favorite places on the Internet to engage with friends, families and colleagues.  I am fortunate enough to have a very […]

Committing A Social Media Sin


Am I committing a social media sin?  I am overwhelmed by the ever increasing social media platforms.  It is impossible for anyone one or a business to maintain a high quality level of communication, if you are trying to do LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google + and Facebook all at once.  Something will give. My Social […]

Dalai Lama Coming to Hawaii

I am a devout Catholic Christian (okay struggling Catholic!) and have followed, read and studied a lot of Catholic work by the Saints, Saint Josemaria, Father Hardon and many more.  One aspect I enjoy about the things I learn is how our Catholic leaders take time to engage with religious leaders.  It’s the Christian way, […]

Jeremy Lin – Linsanity, What’s all the Fuss About?

For the past few weeks, I have been reading an increase of “Linsanity” FB posts.  At first, I ignored it but it just kept coming.  The other day, I decided to check Jeremy Lin out.  Wow, I understand the Linsanity!!! Here’s a YouTube Video by the NBA.  This boy is definitely MachoGeek Approved. [pb_vidembed title="" […]