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We All Have A Bridge To Cross


Photo Credit : FamilyMWR Everyone comes to a point in their lives, when you have to make an important decision.  It can be big or small but  the end result will have a lasting impact. Now that I am 44 years of age, I definitely had to cross that bridge.  It had to do more […]

Week 5 Reflections – Ignatian Prayers for Lent

The focus of week 5, was to discern what God has called you to do.  Back in 2000, when my wife and I had our spiritual conversion (metanoia); it was so powerful that it affected every aspect of our lives.  We not only wanted to be closer to God, but wanted to do good in […]

The Perfect Word, it Best Describes What I Am Striving For; Magis

Magis [mah-gis] Etymology: Latin – term used by St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). Is not necessarily about doing more, but about being more… striving to deepen who we are and what we do with our faith in service to the world. An Excerpt from Better Than Your Best? Magis […]

Making Right Decisions & Progress in Life

I am having an incredible experience with my Ignatian Prayers, I’ll post about Week 5 soon.  Just want to soak it in a bit more.  I figured an up date about what’s happening right now, might interest you, my many readers (sarcasm).  What’s happening at this moment, is a direct result of my prayers… Some […]

Tell-Tale Signs Your “Friend” is in an MLM Pyramid Scheme

Do you suspect your friend or family member is involved with a Multi-Level Marketing (pyramid) scheme but want to know for sure? Well, I decided to compile a not-so-scientific list of  symptoms that a person afflicted with the multi-level marketing bug may manifest. If your “friend” exhibits any of these signs,  wallet beware! He/she cannot say […]


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A Real Heart Stopper

A Real Heart Stopper

So, who’s ready to dance? No, I don’t mean doing a bump & grind to some song that just goes “thump, thump, thump,” I mean serious, get out of your chair and feel the music music! Are you ready?


Purog Hero2

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Check Please

Red Check

Like the saying goes, “it’s all in how it is said”. I have spoken with many friends who are former food servers.  They confirmed that a dish of food sent back to the kitchen with minor, picky-picky complaints and requests for (roll-your-eyes ) adjustments (like, the vegetables need be to steamed just a little bit […]

Week 4 Reflections – Ignatian Prayers for Lent

Wow.  Been a very involved week while trying to dig deep into prayers and reflection.  I did my best and during this past week, I was to imagine myself as any one or each of the persons (Apostle 12, Virgin Mary) in the Gospel.  Each one imagining that person’s perspective.  The one person I could […]

The Special Powers & Uses of Bubble Wrap

Video Credit: Christine Gambito of HappySlip.com Christine’s explanation of the wonders of Bubble wrap.  WTH? [pb_vidembed title="" caption="" url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Adk7pcR8004" type="yt" w="600" h="400"]  

Rock and a Hard Place

Unlike my thoughts on today’s musicians, (or “artists” as they prefer to call themselves) the ones from the past had careers that spanned decades, churning out music that remains popular to this day. Today’s song comes from a group whose music from the 60′s is far from my favorite, their 70′s tunes are ok, but […]

The Magnificent Mile – Chicago

Magnificent Mile - Chicago

Photo Credit: John Pascasio

Zynga Poker Uncovers More than My Tell

downsized_0319120115 (1)

  Last September I purchased an iPad and downloading of game apps soon followed. Ultimately, the iPad 2 became the conduit to my inner gamer. With just the first downloads of Angry Birds and Plants versus Zombies, I was hooked. They helped me transition from a perceived over functioning individual to one that under functions. I […]

Unexpected Wisdom #1: Sister

“What do I need to do?” “Accept.“ “What? Accept what?” “What happened … all of it. Sad, tragic as it was, you weren’t to blame. You survived because ultimately your mother chose her love for you over everything else. You’re innocent. You’re blameless. Memories? Sure, remember with sadness, that’s inevitable. But don’t kill yourself over […]

Let It All Out!

The 1980′s provided a plethora of musical options for just about everybody who…well, listened to music. Rock kept on cruising in from the 70′s, morphing into both hard and soft versions, and while disco more or less went the way of the dingo, techno music took its place as the sound of the club scene.

Making My Moves


  I’ve been slowly getting to put my brainstorms into a real and workable concept.  One of the changes in my business model is I’ve become a Digital Media company.  Brian Clark of Copyblogger Media fame, put it very eloquently (as usual), in this day and age, every business is a digital media company.   Okay […]

Take A 3 Minute Break for Yourself…

Time for a quick break.  Center your self and detach.  Ready? Lets go.  Start now.

My Weight on Driver’s License is Correct!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen I am now an honest woman. My weight on my driver’s license is the actual weight I am! There continues to be unexpected benefits to this healthy living lifestyle transition I am on and it continues to motivate me. I always thought it funny that women fib about their weight and […]

Juicing, Fasting & Physical Well Being – Update


For those of you who don’t know I have been fasting from food, video games, Facebook (and other social media) and Kona coffee.   It started on February 22nd.  On the 23rd, after watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on Netflix, I decided to juice fast for the entirety of Lent. Here’s the latest update: […]

Napa Valley – View from Castello di Amorosa

Napa Valley

Swimming with Sharks

Here we go, Spring marks the beginning of another year of youth sport leagues, fees, fundraisers, weekly practices and for me,  dreaded Team Mom Cliques. You probably know who I’m talking about, the group of Moms that each hold a Starbucks cup in one hand while they tell the Coaches or Refs how the game […]

Juicing Your Way Back to Health


At age 44, eating habits at this age are critical.  I probably don’t have to tell you that, right?  All the foods we ate in our teens, 20′s and 30′s are contributing to our less than optimal health, today.  We just can’t eat it anymore.  Why? Bad foods = poor nutrition = poor health.  If […]

Week 3 Reflections – Ignation Prayers For Lent

During week 3, I decided to focus on the prayers and do a weekly reflection, instead of a day to day.   The day to day prayers were actually connected and sometimes I needed to reflect longer.  Or sometimes, I skipped a day because, well life happens, right? This week 3 was particularly a struggle […]

The Centurians

Purog Centurians

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