Another 10 miler Bike Ride


Kapolei, Hawaii – Ahh done with my weeekend ride.  I look forward to this day every week.  It’s a time to perform and execute in my limited capacity as a 45 year old. (lol) A great bike ride, my endurance, muscles and mind have already adjusted to the 10 mile rides.  If you have been reading my past blog posts here at Biking Hawaii, you’ll remember the small baby steps I took to get to this level.  Nothing intense by any means but it works for me.

And if you have been paying close attention to my blog posts about biking, it’s the perfect time for me to reflect, pray and meditate.  As a Catholic Christian in today’s America, finding time to for God is proving to be more challenging.

My thoughts focused on past friends or people in my life.  Some have died, some are doing there own thing and others are just too far away.  I had moments to reflect on our relationships.  I wasn’t too proud.  You see, I wasn’t a very responsible adult in my 20’s.  I won’t give details but lets say it was a Babylonic life. Okay not quite so apocalyptic, but you get the gist.  :)

For those that passed on, I prayed for their souls and asked them to forgive my past ways.  If they are in a good place, they can still hear me.  Then of course I asked God to forgive me and give me the graces to do better things, be a better friend, brother, husband, son, co-worker…

So with my own lessons life, I try to figure out a way to convey it to my own kids, so they can benefit.  Be better human beings; reliable, honest and lead with grace.

Wow – see what I bike ride can do?  :)

The last thing.  My route this morning was supposed to be a new one.  I had decided to head towards Ewa Beach and go past the Hawaii Railroad Society…  I was huffin’ and puffin’ and going left, then right.  What I thought was going to a different part of my town landed me right back to my backyard beach!  I was a bit surprised as well as disoriented.

I was still in my meditative state and what came prominently to mind was, there are many ways to the same place.  Interesting…

Here are some pics from the ride – until next week!





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