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Europe Meets Islam

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There are many occasions, particularly late at night, when I get into what I like to call my “mood music mindset.” Before you go there, it has nothing to do romance or intimacy. Instead, I like to listen to songs that clear my mind and relax my body before I go to bed.

Incredible New Technology Which Allows for an Amazing Visualization of a Baby from Conception to Birth

There are times when we get sent a Youtube video, see that it’s over 2 minutes long, and have no desire to watch it. This particular video is 9 minutes and 38 seconds long, and is worth every second. In it you will see a man named Alexander Tsiaras presenting an example of this incredible […]

A Little Bit Country

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I don’t really like country music. I don’t necessarily despise it like I do today’s God forsaken pop artists, but it’s never really been my thing. Sometimes, though, I’ll listen to a song by a “not really country” musician, and as long as there’s no twang in the voice, I might just really like the […]

Beachgoers Save 30 Dolphins Stranded on Beach in Brazil

I received this amazing video via email today, and it really warmed my heart. The pod of dolphins quickly found themselves too close to shore and became stranded on the beach, but were all saved due to the quick actions of nearly everybody who was close at hand. [pb_vidembed title="" caption="" url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekmMD8oYtJ0" type="yt" w="600" h="400"] […]

In Dreams

In Dreams

I can’t sleep. When that happens, the remedy is typically music. Tonight, the song of choice is an old favorite from the musician who I first started following when I was the tender age of 8, and someone who has already appeared in one of my chosen songs. 

Where the Truth Lies

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People tend to associate different songs with various periods and events in their lives. Whether it’s vacations with your family or a first kiss, songs you played while studying or on your drive home from work, music plays an integral part in most people’s lives.

The Social Media Song

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Those of you who have followed my song posts know by now that I gravitate toward music with intelligent lyrics that tell a story or carry a message. Today’s song by a former Beatle is especially poignant today in our era of gossip infested Facebook and Twitter.

A Great Song for Father’s Day

This Sunday is Father’s Day, when many of us will be taking time to tell our dads how much we love them. Many musicians are fathers (with some being notoriously prolific!), and while a number of them write songs about fatherhood, today’s song does a fantastic job explaining a father’s love through the father’s eyes.

Shake It, Baby!

There was a time, long before dinosaurs roamed the planet, that MTV (Music Television) actually played music videos! *gasp!* The songs were great, and the videos were fun and left a lasting impression every time you listened to the song. I love today’s song, and the video that was made for it is so intentionally […]


Today we have an awesome piece of music by one of my favorite groups that I rarely listen to anymore. While I buy the albums of the music I like, I’ve never purchased anything from this band, and I don’t know why, as I don’t recall them releasing any stinkers like some other groups.

The Singer with the Golden Voice

The very first album (cassette tape, baby!) I ever owned came from today’s song in my head artist. This man’s music, along with his golden voice, started me on the path of musical obsession that continues to this day.  

Teacher Screams at Student Over Question About Obama

Many of us like to believe in the idea that our public schools are centers of learning, where our children receive an education on reading, writing, mathematics, history, science, and more. In school, kids hear opposing viewpoints, robustly debate one another and eventually form their own opinions based on facts and feelings. The reality, sadly, […]

5 Ways Facebook, Twitter, and the Internet are Destroying the English Language

Ah, yes; English – a language which has robustly grown throughout the centuries, composed of a veritable mishmash of German, Latin, Greek, French, Spanish and more. For non-native speakers, English is a tremendously difficult language to learn, much less master, for it is the English language, and it alone, that provides its speakers roughly 250,000 […]

Carry Me a Laser?

As my eyes popped open this morning, my mind was instantly loop singing the chorus to this song. Thankfully, it’s a great tune that I remember liking as a kid, but I never fully understood the lyrics. It’s quite ironic considering I heard those same words uttered nearly every week.

A Stranger in a Strange Land

A smile always appears on my face whenever today’s song pops into my head. Since the day this awesome tune came out, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it, as well as the album on which it was released.

A Big Nose and a Fantastic Voice

I was thinking this morning that my readers are probably wondering why the overwhelming majority of the songs in my head come from the 80′s. Well, the 80′s were awesome, of course, and I spent the first ten years of my life in that decade, so the music produced during that time had a profound […]

The Simon Cowell Song

No, I do not and have never watched American Idol. I am, however, familiar with Simon Cowell and his antics on the show. Even for those, like me, who don’t watch the show, we can’t escape seeing Mr. Cowell appear somewhere in the media… sort of like Justin Bieber.

Make It Stop!

Please don’t hate me. Yeah, you read that right. It’s not my fault that some songs that get stuck in my head are annoying. Hell, some of you might even like this song. Maybe I even like this song. Maybe I like to listen to this song when nobody else is around and dance in […]

Childhood Memories

It’s serious nostalgia time for me today. One reason I so love music is that a song is able to both eloquently convey emotions while simultaneously storing them as memories for future reference. Today’s song is not necessarily one I would listen to while driving, or sing along with while the volume is turned up, […]

The Suspicious King

One of my biggest pet peeves in the music industry are song covers. I can’t stand them. Well, not all covers are bad; most blues songs are covers of older music, for example, but the newer musicians in that genre at least keep the flow and overall feel of the song the same as an […]

Strange Premonition

Strange Premonition

As some readers may know, I tend to write the entries for this column well ahead of time. As I don’t always have time to sit down and write a quick entry about a certain song in my head, this way makes it easier for me to release new songs on a regular basis. So […]

A Real Heart Stopper

A Real Heart Stopper

So, who’s ready to dance? No, I don’t mean doing a bump & grind to some song that just goes “thump, thump, thump,” I mean serious, get out of your chair and feel the music music! Are you ready?

Rock and a Hard Place

Unlike my thoughts on today’s musicians, (or “artists” as they prefer to call themselves) the ones from the past had careers that spanned decades, churning out music that remains popular to this day. Today’s song comes from a group whose music from the 60′s is far from my favorite, their 70′s tunes are ok, but […]

Let It All Out!

The 1980′s provided a plethora of musical options for just about everybody who…well, listened to music. Rock kept on cruising in from the 70′s, morphing into both hard and soft versions, and while disco more or less went the way of the dingo, techno music took its place as the sound of the club scene.

Streets Paved In Gold

Streets Paved In Gold

In most cases when we get a song stuck in our heads, it’s due to the fact that the music is upbeat, catchy, and tends to make you want to dance (even if it’s only a butt wiggle dance in your office chair). I can’t speak for others, but I listen to a lot of […]