Baltimore Ravens – SuperBowl 2013 NFL Champs! What If…

SuperBowl 2013 - Ravens NFL Champs

Congrats to the Baltimore Ravens. I’m a San Francisco 49’er fan and even though the outcome, is opposite of what I would have hoped, you deserve respect.  In the past decade, I have chosen to not watch the NFL, except when one of my 3 teams are in contention.  I favor the San Diego Chargers, San Francisco Niners and the New England Patriots.  I have stayed away because the sports world has changed, but Colin Kaepernick’s story intrigued me. His story seemed to bring back what playing sports is all about.

So I bought a JamBox, connected it to my iPad, watched it on my Chromebox w/ a 24″ monitor and was very thankful for CBS.  Live streaming of the game is very generous and making it 100% accessible with no cable service accounts, was awesome.  Why my set up?  We don’t have cable TV or Satellite.  We are Netflixers, Hulu-ites and live off the Internet.

This SuperBowl XLVII is by far one of the more exciting ones I have seen in a long time.  Normally, the 49’ers dominate so much that by the 4th quarter the game is pretty much decided.  Great game, exciting moments and yes, I enjoyed Beyonce’s performance.

In my opinion, if the 49’ers had done these things, it might have changed the outcome:

  • Involved Randy Moss more in the offense – he is in shape, a game changer and might’ve surprised us.
  • Scripted the first 10 Plays – Not sure if they still do this, but the past 49’ers Championship teams, did it as part of their strategy.
  • The End Zone had better vision and called the Pass Interference  on CrabTree.
  • Scored the extra point instead of going for the 2 – psychologically it matters.
  • Ran the ball on the outside with Gore or Kaepernick on that last drive, when they failed to score.
  • Had another Black out in the last 3 minutes…

Congrats again Baltimore Ravens – well deserved!


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