Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead – True Story

As I fast from the material world, I am getting inspired to extend my fasting to more aspects of my life.  I am feeling a desire to heal my entire being.  I started off with my spirit by doing the Ignatian Prayer Adventure and now want to fast from eating.  I have already removed coffee, meat, fast food and full meals during the day.  Why not extend it further?

After completing the documentary, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, I want to do more.  I am considering juice fasting for the entirety of the Lent Season.  I have done this before but for only a week.  Am I nuts?  Probably not.  It’s more nuts to continue to kill our selves with the junk food, gluttony and attachment to food.  Watch the movie.  We watched it on Netflix.

Here’s the movie trailer. :)

Here we go.  By 50, I want to be fully cleansed spiritually, physically and enjoying life the way God intended.

*Video and image from Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead YouTube Channel and website.


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