In the Hot Honda Seat

I love my seat heater in my Honda mini-van.

I love to ride with family or friends that have seat heaters in their vehicles.

Seat heaters offer warmth and relaxation.  Just the other day when it was pouring rain, my seat heater warmed my back and dried my soaking wet clothing.  My seat heater saved me from catching pneumonia.

There is nothing like warmth to greet you.  A warm hug, a warm smile (sorry, so cliche).  But don’t you like to jump into a warm shower (lukewarm if it is a hot day)?  Do you like the feel of warm sand on your feet at the beach, warm blankets just out of the dryer, warm dinner rolls that melt the butter just right?  Imagine the luxury of towel warmers or boot warmers (I can only imagine because I don’t have either).  Once, we stayed at a hotel that had BATHROOM FLOOR WARMERS!!!  My husband had to drag me out of there, barefoot, grinning like a Chesire cat.  That was heaven.

One of my favorite things to do when we were first married was to sit in the warm car and take a nap as my husband washed it.  Those moments in the car, warm from the sun,  the sound of water and soap sloshing like a lullaby, that was heaven.

My dad happens to have a recliner with a seat heater.  It’s a race (and some wrestling) with my adult sister and brother to get to sit in the recliner when we are visiting.  I know that my kids, being so young and active (and always hot), can’t yet appreciate the inviting comfort of a warmed seat.  They are bewildered watching my sister, brother and I muscle each other for the chair.

If I am muscled out, and I usually am, I head for the ever-ready warm seat in my mini-van, ahhhh heaven.


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Jae has 15 jobs. Or at least she feels like it, Wife, Mom, Counselor, Professor, Photographer, Activities Coordinator, Driver, Banker/Accountant, Girl Scout Cookie Salesperson, Interior Designer, Dog Groomer, Housekeeper, Cook and Professional Shopper. Forgot the Per Diem Comedienne and Telephone Psychologist, haha. Loving every minute of it and all the challenges that are included. Writing has always been my passion and passive/aggressive outlet. I'm a literary extrovert and the female version of Holden Caufield.

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  1. I'll never the forget the first time I had a hot seat. My van was getting fixed at the Toyota dealer and we were given a new Highlander SUV. When driving around, I kept getting hot and perspiring… my wife and kids said there were fine, it was cool…

    It took me a few rides to figure out that the hot seat was activated. :)

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