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I laugh when people with a Marketing Degree or background think they know and clearly they don’t understand how the web works. I can’t really blame the Marketing professional.  All this Internet marketing is still new and only recently have colleges started to offer courses on it. But it should be understood, the web relies on search engines and it starts with SEO, not a Facebook page. Also, the website should always be the anchor to the social media sites used, not the other way around.


You own your website and you control it.  If Facebook or Twitter decide that they will change some feature or how people access your page, you lose.

I am a firm believer in what Chris Brogan has been teaching, your website is the hub and all the other places like FaceBook, are merely satellites, an extension of your web presence.  All these satellites should be leading people back to your site.  Websites are here to stay and are the cornerstone to marketing.

It behooves any marketing professional to learn the web and how it works.  Do traditional marketing “principles” apply?  Somewhat.  It’ll take more than a degree to understand.

Here are some sources:

And if you are really serious, check out Inbound Marketing University




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