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The Home Office

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Office Furniture | Office Collections | Ballard DesignsI am super lucky that I am able to work out of my home (I design websites and do internet marketing).  I have an office, which is on the top floor of my house, so to avoid the full house tour (and pre-meeting house clean) if clients come over, we meet at the kitchen table.   Just after Thanksgiving I launched a new website and had a WordPress Training Workshop for the clients (so they don’t need to ring me with each minor change).  I was so delighted to have my computer in the heart of the house, near our tree and cozy fire, that I have been working in the family room ever since.  I have never bothered to spend any time or effort, or cash, to make a really cool home office, but in the spirit of renewal and resolutions and all the rest, I have been searching for what I would consider a great office for myself.  Here are a few ideas:


I like a non traditional desk – the chair is beautiful, but I have an Aeron chair,and would have a backache after an hour here.


No way – where would all of my crap get spread around? And what is with the blanket?


If only I were this cool.


I love the placement of the desk. I have a Golden who sits by me all day, I always think a hound is a pleasant accoutrement to any living space.

Source: houzz.com via NC on Pinterest

Clients may think I make too much money if I brought them into this space, what do you think?

Source: wanelo.com via rosalyn on Pinterest

In case I run out of power on the iPhone, I should probably have a land line….too much?

Source: geekaco.com via Kate on Pinterest


So fun for a girl in tech to decorate with these!
Well as you can see, decision making will be hard for me. Next year at this time I will still be in my space covered in white walls and wondering how I can make it more special. Let’s face it, the best office would be the one below. Happy 2013!

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I love my family, my business and learning new things. I live on the east coast, but spent six years living abroad. I currently design WordPress websites and provide internet marketing for a variety of clients. See my work at EileenLonergan.com or learn more at Google+


  1. hahha – I’m close, I’ve got the water, but not the Nipa hut on stilts!!! Very cool!

  2. Love the inspiration! I could use a office makeover but maybe I should wait until the hut becomes available. Haha….

  3. I need a new home office myself…think we can get a group discount from anyone??

  4. Love the top idea, neat, calm, mix of old and new, lovely chilled out colour on the walls. Nice inspiration for our new office at http://www.truecoloursperth.com.


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