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Since 2009, I have offering website services.  It started out with helping small business get online using Microsoft’s now defunct Office Live Small Business.  It was a simple HTML editor, very dated layout/designs, built in email integration and a sharing docs area.  Once I got whiff that Microsoft was going to do away with the services, I quickly scrambled to look for a new website solution.  That’s when I stumbled on to Lisa Irby’s  It was from her blog, that I learned about and the premium WordPress themes.  I became obsessed  all about WordPress and was immediately taken in.

I started my web business slow, offering web development and web hosting services for WordPress.  I had chosen several web hosting companies but I quickly learned that “basic” shared hosting wasn’t going to cut it, if I was going to provide quality, premium managed services.  I revived my Linux skills from my Computer Science Days in college and started to deploy virtual servers on  I was using NGinx based servers and it was incredibly fast!

Long story short…or is it?

When clients started to hit major traffic spikes, my servers would crash!  I had to stay on top of my servers.  What I eventually did was migrated the higher trafficked sites on to their own virtual servers, but the crashing of servers persisted.  One client was re-tweeted by a major book author who had over tens of millions of followers.  The site was getting overloaded with ten thousand visitors within 15 minutes…

I looked for solutions but ever major web hosting company advised the only solution was to create a cluster of load balanced servers to spread the work load among several servers versus one.  I was excited to build the new configuration.  Then I realized, that even with a clustered hosting environment, I still had to manually monitor to make sure the traffic spikes wouldn’t over load the servers.  It was still a “pre-defined” set up with static boundaries.

The answer?  Rackspace Cloud Sites.  A cloud architecture that is a clustered of finely turned, load balanced servers, that “automatically” scales.  Yes, automatically.  Also, the cloud hosting platform was integrated into Rackspace’s entreprise level network that served the Fortune 100.  When I found the solution, I quickly migrated my customers and have never experienced any down time since.

It’s important to note, I actually used Cloud Sites prior to Linode but wasn’t fully educated on the difference between a cloud environment and a virtual server. So glad I learned and made my adjustments.

From there I created ReadiPress – Fully Managed WordPress hosting and now, we have Koomohost – a Cloud Hosting service for all Linux web applications.  The idea is to provide quality and professional web hosting solutions for everyone.



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R. Anthony Solis (RAS/IslandGeek) is a web enthusiast and a survivor of the 1.0 companies. Has a background in Computer Science, Internet Technologies & telecom. Currently addicted to Call of Duty Black OPS (Zombie mode), as well as Green Tea Matcha Lattes. He and his family enjoy living on the Hawaiian Islands. Blog post ingredients are All-Natural and 100% Organic. It includes his struggle to live his Catholic Faith, a Healthy Lifestyle, executing self-improvement, fight for being financially debt-free and the pursuit of the American Dream. With a dash of Machismo, you will experience an incredible zesty flavor. You can also find him at IslandGeek

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    1. Hey no problem! I should probably update this.. we are now on Amazon AWS. Rackspace Cloud Sites was great for high traffic but the latency between load balancer to servers was a deal breaker.

      Thanks for staying on the Koomo Train Kev!

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