A Little Help For Your 2013 Goals

 Since the Google era of the Internet, I’ve been fascinated by the wealth of information on the web.  I’m more fascinated by how the web has allowed us to consume this information: video, podcasts, blog posts, e-books and more.  I’ve got a little collection of resources that I refer to from time to time.  It helps me to figure out what I need to be doing, whether it be personal or business.

Here’s a few of my top secret (just kidding) resources that will change your life forever (hyperbole). :)

For Personal

For Business

This is not a definite list, but my “goto” source when I need to learn more or get inspired. Most of  what is listed above, break the traditional thinking.  So be prepared to have a paradigm shift or surprised.  Hopefully, you’ll have a few A-HA moments.

What about you?  What or who are your resources for change?


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