Eat These Words

Exercise for my Eyes

I wish consuming knowledge didn’t cost so much.  Especially diet and nutrition knowledge.  If only I could lose 5 pounds for each book I’ve read.

The intention is there but motivation evaporates fast.  As soon as I put the book down.



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Jae has 15 jobs. Or at least she feels like it, Wife, Mom, Counselor, Professor, Photographer, Activities Coordinator, Driver, Banker/Accountant, Girl Scout Cookie Salesperson, Interior Designer, Dog Groomer, Housekeeper, Cook and Professional Shopper. Forgot the Per Diem Comedienne and Telephone Psychologist, haha. Loving every minute of it and all the challenges that are included. Writing has always been my passion and passive/aggressive outlet. I'm a literary extrovert and the female version of Holden Caufield.

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