Committing A Social Media Sin

Am I committing a social media sin?  I am overwhelmed by the ever increasing social media platforms.  It is impossible for anyone one or a business to maintain a high quality level of communication, if you are trying to do LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google + and Facebook all at once.  Something will give.

My Social Media recommendation is this.

Pick one that appeals to you and work it.  Change your website or blog to fully integrate with it.  When you do you will feel a sense of relief.  Well I did.  No more trying to keep up.  Then when you can, add another social media service.

Should My Site Allow for all the Social Media Platforms?

For me, I think it is better to be good and be involved in one thing.  Your community will flourish.  Multi-tasking is not effective because you dilute your self.  Eventually, if you have the capacity, add another.  Me? I’m with Facebook.

For example, this site now features more Facebook features, such as;

  • Facebook Integrated comments – posts here on mG as well as Facebook
  • Auto Publish with feature rich links to Facebook
  • Using Facebook Recommend and Facebook Send Button
  • Facebook Subscribe button – have other FB members subscribe to your publich posts

Not sure what Facebook subscribe is? Read Introducing the Subsribe Button and How To Put a FB Subscribe Button on your website/blog.

What’s your favorite social media place on the web?




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