Don Campbell

Don Campbell | google glassesI sat down for a chat today with another high school friend, Don Campbell.  I can’t stop choosing these guys to interview, because they are just so darn impressive!

Don, just as my previous subjects, Liam Lavery and Mark Pogliano, went through the same public school system in Michigan and are all embracing technology into our professional lives.  Don, unlike the rest of us, was an early adapter of computers, his family had some of the first hardware available and even had an Apple II.  In the interview Don shares that when choosing a major in college he deferred to his father for advice, “Dad, I know that we really are into computers now, but if I majored in computers, do you think they will still be around in four years?”

Don and I are connected daily, as I am in his members group Expand2Web, am a frequent user of the WordPress theme SmallBiz and we collaborate on a few side projects together.  For the interview I wanted to cut through the stuff you can find out on LinkedIn and ask some questions about his transitions from working for huge global companies (Ford & Microsoft) to start ups (Interwoven & Expand2Web).

Some points of interest:

  • You don’t need to quit your day job at a big company to consider yourself an entrepreneur, this quality is in your spirit and how you approach your job
  • The future of careers isn’t staying at one place your whole life, it is navigating through multiple companies and positions
  • Tips on being successful with presentations
  • Transitioning from being a great employee to being a successful solo-preneur
  • Early days of WordPress
  • The next big thing

I know that Don and his family would agree that his father gave him awesome advice to pursue his interest in technology and if he were still with us would be both amazed and proud at what Don has accomplished.

Thank you for your time Don, I hope you all enjoy this chat as much as I did.


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