Haiyan Aftermath: How You Can Help


Photo credit: Malankara (Indian) Orthodox Church’s Facebook page

Many thanks to Lisa Hendey and John Clem, the Director and Media Minister at Catholic Web Services, for mentioning this blogpost on November 15th edition of Sweet Tweets on patheos.com. Please note additional resources at the bottom of the post.

As many of you probably know, a very strong typhoon, Haiyan (called Yolanda in the Philippines) hit the Central Visayas in the Philippines in the early hours of November 8, 2013, having made landfall near the city of Guiuan in Eastern Samar. The devastation to life and property was unfathomable, and in some areas, nearly 100% of all structures were damaged. It truly is heartbreaking to see the pictures emerging from the affected areas.

Many of you have asked me about my family. They are located far enough north that it was mainly a rain event (and maybe some winds) for them. I did have some friends in the Central Visayas, and they have since contacted me to let me know they weathered the storm okay and are now helping out in the relief efforts.

One of those friends is Father Edione Febrero, a priest in the Diocese of San Jose de Antique in the Philippines. He is also the director of the Social Action Center for his diocese. He sent me a message that he would like some help in spreading far and wide. So this blogpost is essentially a signal boost for his work in the relief efforts in the aftermath of Haiyan.

Here is the message he sent me:

Antique was also hit by Yolanda. Less casualties here because we were more prepared than Leyte. The government really evacuated people in high risk areas to safer grounds. But Typhoon Yolanda destroyed almost 90% of houses along the shorelines either partially or totally, especially in the towns of Barbaza and Tibiao where the eye of the typhoon was.

The northern part of Antique was hit the hardest. Relief operations are going on but the more serious problem is the REHABILITATION. To rebuild or repair damaged houses will take a long time. Right now I am working on a possible procurement of temporary shelters–tents which they can use to cover rooftops. It roughly costs US$10.00 (less than 400 pesos – 4×4 meters), temporary but practical solution to temporarily shelter them in case rains come. Another typhoon is forecasted to come 3 days from now. It might hit southern Panay where Antique is. PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD. Here is the account of the Social Action Center for the Diocese of San Jose de Antique: RCBC #1459332002

I noticed that storm, since it crossed over the Philippine Area of Responsibility, now has a name: Zoraida. (I’m not sure what the international name for that storm is.) Its storm track is expected to be very similar to that of Haiyan/Yolanda.

Please share this post, and if you can help, please do by either donating to the Diocese of San Jose de Antique or to any other charitable organisation that is involved in the relief efforts in the Philippines. But above all, please pray for those who were affected by this storm.

Updated 15 November 2013 to add: Here is another message from Fr. Edione.

As we continue to deliver relief goods, which will help victims survive for weeks, Caritas Manila through the Social Action Center of the Diocese of San Jose de Antique prepares for distribution “nylon ropes #8″ for Tambalang farmers or growers (seaweeds) in the islands of Caluya – Panagatan 1 2 3 and other islands. They are asking for this since it is their livelihood. Remember, they lost almost all their fishing boats during the typhoon. The materials will help them get on their feet and start working again. One roll per farmer – about 260 pesos (US$6.00). Funds may be donated to Caritas Manila for Antique.

The address for the Social Action Center is Nietes Street, San Jose de Buenavista, 5700 Antique, Philippines, and the phone number is +63 36 540-9512.

Outside of the Philippines, donations may be directed to Caritas Internationalis. Please continue to pray for the Philippines and to help in whatever way you can.

Additional Resources that need your help or donations:



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