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mitch joel | ctrl alt deleteI recently launched a new blog series here on the Shoo called My Squiggly Line, these posts will explore the unorthodox career paths of those who have evolved through entrepreneurship and adoption of emerging technologies.

I was inspired to begin this column after reading the hot new book from Mich Joel, Ctrl Alt Delete: Reboot Your Business. Reboot Your Life. Your Future Depends on It.  The book challenges you to embrace the technologies that everyone has available to them and weave them into the fabric of your business, because if you don’t, chances are you will be left behind.  Don’t believe it?  Check out the commercial for the book.

Ctrl Alt Delete - Will you be employable in the next 5 years?

I am long time follower of Mitch Joel’s podcasts, in which the marketing and communications thought leaders of today impart their knowledge openly.  Through the generous spirit of Mitch I was able to actually be a part of the conversation and interview him myself, I am sharing the interview with you here:

I didn’t want spend too much time on Mitch’s Squiggly Path, because his bio is fairly well documented. Instead I asked him questions related to the content of the book.  Our conversation included:

  • The concept of the Squiggly Line
  • Bringing the spirit of innovation and ownership to work
  • Productive working environments
  • Presentations

Information related to the content you may find useful:


 People to Check Out:

Ctrl Alt Delete | Mitch Joel | Squiggly LineI typically only read on the Kindle, but I am psyched I have a physical copy, as I have highlighted and made so many notes in the margins.  I have a hard copy of the book that I would like to send to you, brand new and perfect!  Anyone who leaves a comment below, either related to the podcast or if you have read any of the suggested books above share your thoughts and in a few days I will randomly select a name and mail you a copy of the book.  If you are interested in staying relevant during this massive shift in the use of technology in business, then this book is for you!



  1. Mitch provides an excellent call to mastery of craft and the mixing of crafts to bring out our best. We can not just be a single dynamic, but start from mastery and as the years wax on we gain so many gifts and the book helps explore the ways we can see how to combine and grow our craft(s) into something of real value.

    Very good and makes me want to explore all the resources listed!

  2. Thank you for this excellent interview, Eileen and for introducing us to this book. As a 57-year-old whose working life began as a secretary, moved on to become an Executive Director of a small trade organization, left that to become a self-employed technical writer specializing in federal procurement policy and regulations, moved on to become a yoga instructor and yoga studio owner, and now focus my work life on internet and social media marketing for local businesses, I can totally relate to the “squiggly line.” And, like you said near the beginning of the interview, the idea of STILL having to reboot and continually reinvent myself the rest of my life feels is daunting and scary. I look forward to reading Mitch’s book. I have also been inspired by Marcus Sheridan’s success story in his business.

  3. The Squiggly line sounds like the art of life…. move, move and move forward. Yvonne sounds like you have the squiggles and starting again at 60 Rev. Stephen B Henry PhD. is inspirational! Thanks Eileen!

  4. It seems I am a Squiggly line master! LOL. Really glad that my business has settled and was able to connect to the different topics discussed in the audio. We are certainly in a very global, accessible time in technology and have the opportunity to present our self, in an authentic and sincere way.

    Like his comments on merging the skillset, content etc.. with honed presentation. It’s true, as much as I can appreciate “the reality” show type YouTube videos, I also tend to choose someone who is a little more polished. But not corporate polish, if that makes sense.

    I’m guilty of not properly answering my customer’s questions. Instead I do the typical features/benefits approach, but what am I really addressing? I added a “Why Us” page to help, but after listening to you two, I want to re-do to focus in on what questions can I answer.


    1. You have mastered the Squiggle! I think we can all improve on our customer service and presentation, maybe we read one of the books and have a book club…..

  5. Eileen, this was a wonderful interview. Mitch is extremely articulate as was his interviewer. The Squiggly line concept is brilliant. The production was excellent.

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