Joseph Kony April 20, 2012

Joseph Kony is not a candidate for any political office, there is no ballot with his name, April 20, 2012 is not a day to vote for anything.  It may seem like it with all the media, signs, posters, stickers and even a viral youtube video dedicated to a movement to enlighten the world about the acts of Joseph Kony, but Joseph Kony is not someone to consider as a leader.

But he is a leader.  The leader of the LRA, Lord’s Resistance Army, a Ugandan Guerrilla Group that terrorized and kidnapped children for militia and sex slaves.  The LRA is known for inhumane treatment of the citizens, especially children of Uganda, Central African Republic and Eastern Congo.  On the list of wanted criminals by the International Criminal Court, Joseph Kony is, as of the last week, the most wanted man in the world.  He was indicted for war crimes in 2005 and has been in hiding ever since.

April 20, 2012 is the day dedicated to Joseph Kony as declared by Invisible Children (  It’s not a celebration, it is the day that Invisible Children and supporters plan to unite and campaign to educate the world about the atrocities of Joseph Kony and lobby for his capture.  The goal of Invisible Children is to make Joseph Kony as famous as politicians and celebrities so that he can no longer hide.  Joseph Kony is a leader in the sense that he has united and created this worldwide community of concerned citizens that want to restore the peace in Central Africa.

Watch the video, share the knowledge.  April 20, 2012 is coming soon.

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