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A Chat Megan GebhartWhen I started this project, My Squiggly Path, my goal was to interview people who had in some way or another embraced technology and found themselves in a career that was somewhat unexpected.  I had sort of assumed that my subjects would be in my age bracket as my Career Services department had exactly zero documented success stories of people who were podcasters or internet entrepreneur’s when I was in school, and it seemed logical that people my age would start out thinking doctor, lawyer, Indian Chief and wind up something else (web designer), yet to my pleasant surprise I have found Megan Gebhart, who at the rip old age 25, has already squiggled herself along a very impressive path.

A little background, my sister, a career advisor with Boston College came across 52 Cups and shared it with me as the author, Megan Gebhart is an MSU alumni (as am I).  As I began digging into Megan’s blog I felt an emotion that really doesn’t come up for me too much – envy.

Megan’s idea came to her just before her Senior year at MSU: each week for one year she would reach out to someone she didn’t know and ask them to sit down with her for a cup of coffee.  Her plan was that by meeting lots of different people she would gather up all of their great advice and SHARE (listen to the podcast to her reason for sharing) the stories on her blog, 52 Cups of Coffee.  Along with making connections the project would satisfy her need for a creative project and love of writing.  Smart right!

Well it gets better – these interviews connected her with some amazing people, famous:

and not so famous:

Each became an unexpected awesome connection in one way or another, which even led her to a TEDx stage!

Who should listen to this podcast:

  • College students trying to differentiate themselves in the job market (who is going to land the job, someone set a goal, reached it – 52 weeks in a row people – can write, can ask questions and has the nerve to reach out to strangers).
  • People trying to grow their blog’s audience.
  • People who enjoy other interesting people.

Megan’s advice to other college students who may be looking for a job or figuring out their career path?

  • Use the tools the internet is offering for free! Publish and show the world your gifts.
  • You don’t have to have a master plan to start a project.
  • People do want to help and share what they know.

Megan is heading out of the country and will be having coffee and posting while she travels Australia and Asia – so follow her on Twitter or sign up for her blog and get 52 Cups in your in box.

Thank you for your time Megan! It is people like you that make us all proud to be Spartans!

Megan Gebhart | 52 Cups of Coffee

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  1. Wow – I’m jealous now too. Hm… I’ve had cups of Kona with lots of people, maybe I can start interviewing and call mine 1 thousand and more cups of Kona. :)

    Hopefully, we get a response from her.

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