Movie review: Act of Valor


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Before I get into the review, let me ask a question. Have you ever watched a movie and had “The Talker” sit behind you? Well that’s what happened to me.  I had an elderly lady who kept asking her husband questions throughout the movie. She would ask, “What did he say?”, “What does that mean?” “Why did they do that?”.  She even read the subtitles OUT LOUD! There were so many times I wanted to turn around and say something but I bit my tongue.  Her husband even told her, “can you shut up and just watch the movie?” ok, enough of that and on to the review…

Act of Valor is an action filled movie involving real Navy SEALS.  Once you get beyond the forced and corny dialogue, the movie takes you on a true adventure ride.  The guns, tactics, explosions were awesome.  There are even moments in the film shot in a “first person” perspective that would make a video GAMER giddy with excitement.  Not since “300” and “Battle: Los Angeles” have I walked out of the theater teeming with adrenaline and testosterone.

When the movie was over, I looked around and saw every man walking tall with their chests out and stomachs sucked in.  As we all made our way to the exit, someone dropped popcorn on the cement floor.  The sounds reverberated throughout the theater like crackling gunfire.  Every man dove and made tactical rolls to get cover behind the rows of theater seats.

Cries of “what the hell are you doing?”, “stop that, you’re embarrassing me”, and “get up, you’re going to get your pants dirty” permeated the air.  The men ignored the cries, each bent on addressing the culprit who spilled the popcorn.  Each man pulled out a straw and loaded them with spitballs.  Under the protection of suppression “spitball” fire, some men leap frogged the theater seats advancing on the culprit.  The culprit fell to the floor, covered with spitballs, on top of his pile of popcorn.  A loud, unison “OO-RAH” was heard as the men, tired and depleted, returned back to reality…

Millan Recommendation:  5 out of 5 lumpias. “Hell, I don’t need them cooked, serve it to me frozen!!”    


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Just a guy who loves Elvis. I love to sing his songs. So much that I became El-Vez. Had a couple of gigs. Even did one in Vegas. Now I love to watch movies. For me, movies represent an escape. where for a brief moment, we can escape our reality and lose ourselves in another world. Enjoy!!

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