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We have a new category, “All Around The Web”.  We’re sharing the cool stuff we find on the web.  It can be a photo, image, graphic art or a video.

Current feature is a video based on some cool martial arts effects.  Amazing what this young generation can do.

If  you want to help us, feel free to submit something at submit <at> webshoo dot com.

About the Author

R. Anthony Solis (RAS/IslandGeek) is a web enthusiast and a survivor of the 1.0 companies. Has a background in Computer Science, Internet Technologies & telecom. Currently addicted to Call of Duty Black OPS (Zombie mode), as well as Green Tea Matcha Lattes. He and his family enjoy living on the Hawaiian Islands. Blog post ingredients are All-Natural and 100% Organic. It includes his struggle to live his Catholic Faith, a Healthy Lifestyle, executing self-improvement, fight for being financially debt-free and the pursuit of the American Dream. With a dash of Machismo, you will experience an incredible zesty flavor. You can also find him at IslandGeek

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