Previously, on X-Men…

Song LogoDuring my childhood, I had many a reason to fondly remember the common Saturday morning. Not having to wake up and go to school was certainly one highlight. Going out to breakfast with my dad at Denny’s or some other restaurant was another I will always cherish.

But at 10AM on the Fox Network affiliate KCPQ channel 13, I heard the opening phrase that never failed to send chills of excitement up my spine.

Previously, on X-Men…”


Theme Song to “X-Men: The Animated Series”

After those words were spoken and a synopsis of the previous episode was shown, I was treated to one of the most thrilling and exciting introductions in cartoon (or even television) history. Unlike nearly every other cartoon out there, X-Men: The Animated Series had an ongoing story line, much like you’d find by reading the comic books. It was this program that got me hooked on the X-Men universe.

I was never a comic book kid, but I always loved well drawn and well voice acted cartoons that dealt with more mature themes (which I’ve written about previously). X-Men: The Animated Series caused me to learn more about all the mutants, their powers, their personalities, and their backgrounds. Even as a teenager I loved watching the cartoon. This fascination had me playing the X-Men game in the local arcades and carried me into the X-Men movie trilogy, which I saw in the theaters and absolutely loved (well, the first two movies anyway.)

If you’re a fan of the X-Men, whether it be from the comic books or the movies, but you’ve never seen this cartoon, I highly recommend that you do so. The themes of each episode are great and transcend the overly simplified good vs. evil story line seen elsewhere. All five seasons are linked below.


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Many thanks to Youtube user jm3dina for uploading a hi quality version of this introduction.

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