San Diego Comic Con 2013: Hotel Registration Opens Feb 26th


It’s only been a week since scores of people scrambled to get online to purchase tickets to San Diego Comic Con 2013 and were left empty-handed and disappointed as servers crashed and caused other technical glitches. On February 26, Comic Con organizers will open their site once again for Hotel Registration.  Much like the online registration process, fans can expect the same type of challenges when trying to get a hotel.  Now you may think where you stay may not matter as long as you have a room.

Sure, attendees can snatch up a hotel room outside the official block of rooms that comic con and hotel organizers have set aside, but you can also expect to pay 2 to 3 times the normal rate for a room. It’s quite possible that some attendees will be staying at one or two-star hotels for as much as $500 a night and not be near the Convention Center. However if you are lucky enough to get a room through Comic-Con will pay under $300 a night for a 4 star luxury hotel just steps from the convention center. That’s why February 26th will be an especially intense day for many people.

Although Comic-Con International has made the process simpler, it’s process still confuses many people. There are no direct room reservations made though the Comic-Con website.  Instead a wish list of six hotels (out of 60) along with your information is submitted.  Keep in mind there are dozens of hotels throughout San Diego that are included on the list.  Some are located adjacent to the Convention Center (approximately 35) and others located as far as 10-15 miles away. Once your wish list is submitted, the waiting game begins. It appears there’s no real foolproof formula to getting your desired hotels. You may or may not get any hotels on your list. If you’re lucky enough to score a hotel room, make sure you put down your deposit and lock your room in. In the event you are given a hotel you do not desire, make sure to decline the reservation so others on the waiting list can reserve them.

DSC03200All in all, finding the right hotel is just as important part of the whole Comic-Con experience as getting a ticket into the Con.  Though you may not spend a lot of time in that room, believe me, you’ll need that room to get a few hours of rest before heading out the next day; not to mention a place to stuff all the swag and exclusives you pick up.

If you plan to get a hotel through their official system, it would be a good idea to take a look at the list of hotels. For more information on the entire process check San Diego Comic Con 2013 Hotel Registration and get ready for the big day. Log in on February 26th and submit your wish list of hotels. You also call Travel Planners at 1-877-55-COMIC (1-877-552-6642) or 212-532-1660 at 9am PT on Feb 26th.

Good Luck and Happy Hotel Hunting!

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