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Office Furniture | Office Collections | Ballard DesignsI am super lucky that I am able to work out of my home (I design websites and do internet marketing).  I have an office, which is on the top floor of my house, so to avoid the full house tour (and pre-meeting house clean) if clients come over, we meet at the kitchen table.   Just after Thanksgiving I launched a new website and had a WordPress Training Workshop for the clients (so they don’t need to ring me with each minor change).  I was so delighted to have my computer in the heart of the house, near our tree and cozy fire, that I have been working in the family room ever since.  I have never bothered to spend any time or effort, or cash, to make a really cool home office, but in the spirit of renewal and resolutions and all the rest, I have been searching for what I would consider a great office for myself.

Here are a few ideas:


I like a non traditional desk – the chair is beautiful, but I have an Aeron chair,and would have a backache after an hour here.

  Via FormFire Glassworks | Home Office Ideas

No way – where would all of my crap get spread around? And I can’t stand chalk.


If only I were this cool.



I love the placement of the desk. I have a Golden who sits by me all day, I always think a hound is a pleasant accoutrement to any living space.

Source: via NC on Pinterest


Clients may think I make too much money if I brought them into this space, what do you think?

Source: via rosalyn on Pinterest


In case I run out of power on the iPhone, I should probably have a land line….too much?

Source: via Kate on Pinterest


So fun for a girl in tech to decorate with these!

Well as you can see, decision making will be hard for me. Next year at this time I will still be in my space covered in white walls and wondering how I can make it more special. Let’s face it, the best office would be the one below. Happy 2013!


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