Vacuum Siphon Coffee Pots; Substance in the Process

A few weeks ago, I was in the market for a new coffee maker.  In the past I had the typical Mr. Coffee makers and later switched to a French Press.  The French Press quickly became my favorite.  It was one of the best methods for better tasting coffee.  I switched back and forth from the Mr. Coffee to the French Press.  Then one day, I got a Keurig.  Very convenient, fast and easy.  I’ve been using it ever since 2010.  I moved away from the pre-packaged beans to the custom permanent filter to use my own coffee grind.

But even as easy as it was, the Keurig lacked soul, in the same way the Mr. Coffee makers do.  Push button, and almost easy to make coffee, lacked the experience I didn’t know I was looking for.  The French Press’ slow process of taking the time to pick the whole beans, grind it and boiling water; made the experience so much more.  It’s has more substance, but I can’t explain it.   There is something to be said about homemade cooking versus packaged or prepared foods.  You can feel the love in the preparation and results of the food.

Is that it?  When a person takes the time to slow down, focus and carefully work through the details; get fully immersed in the process, it adds something substantial?  Is it a psychological connection? Spiritual maybe?

Lets leave it at that, there is something when a person takes the time, effort and focus to do something.  There is more soul.

Which leads me to my latest coffee craze, the Vacuum Siphon Coffee Pot.  Amazing!!!  You pretty much go through the same process as the French Press and more.  After setting it up, something magical, scientific, fun (geeky I know) happens.  It’s almost doing those lab experiments in Chem Lab.  The water and beans do a magical dance and bubble to infuse their elements into one; resulting in the smoothest coffee I’ve ever tasted.  The process of preparation and later seeing how the Vacuum Siphon Coffee pot works, is a small wonder to behold.

Below are several videos of different types of Vacuum Siphon Coffee pots.  The cool and geeky thing about this is you can improve your set up and add different equipment to the process.  For example, instead of stove top, you can use a Bunsen burner or halogen lamp.  You can have longer tubes and more pots, tubes to add more to the experience.  I think it becomes a distillery?  :)

Here are a few videos of different types of Coffee Vacuum Siphon pots or processes.

Video Credit: JungleMindState

Video Credit: jennify

Video Credit: kokuramatt

Video Credit: dcnsolutions

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