We All Have A Bridge To Cross

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Everyone comes to a point in their lives, when you have to make an important decision.  It can be big or small but  the end result will have a lasting impact.

Now that I am 44 years of age, I definitely had to cross that bridge.  It had to do more with taking a holistic approach to living my life.

Here’s a what I do today.


  • Eat healthier – organics, all natural and whole grains.  Lots of water.
  • Exercise Daily – walking, fitness DVD
  • Relax – Sit in silence, meditate


  • Cash Only – no more credit cards; save up for big purchases. Exceptions are cars, homes
  • Spend Less – Live simply, frugally (wisdom).  Escaped from consumerism & materialism (difficult)
  • Invest/Protection – Get proper insurance when we can afford it and invest the rest.


  • Give People the benefit of the doubt (very difficult in practice)
  • Be Charitable, generous and kind; especially to those less fortunate (not pity)
  • Get involved in the community (after raising kids)


  • Be excellent, professional and customer service oriented
  • Make decisions based on your values, standards and beliefs
  • See People


  • Know God – learn and study our Faith.
  • Love God – be thankful, pray and meditate
  • Serve God – Be committed to our vocation as a married couple; raising our children. (changes after empty nest stage)

That’s pretty much my  life strategy.  It was a long, slippery and hard bridge to cross, but I managed.  Every time I fell, I dusted myself and tried again.  BTW, I still fall, I’m clumsy.

Please note, the above is practiced or lived out with my wife and 7 children.


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R. Anthony Solis (RAS/IslandGeek) is a web enthusiast and a survivor of the dot.com 1.0 companies. Has a background in Computer Science, Internet Technologies & telecom. Currently addicted to Call of Duty Black OPS (Zombie mode), as well as Green Tea Matcha Lattes. He and his family enjoy living on the Hawaiian Islands. Blog post ingredients are All-Natural and 100% Organic. It includes his struggle to live his Catholic Faith, a Healthy Lifestyle, executing self-improvement, fight for being financially debt-free and the pursuit of the American Dream. With a dash of Machismo, you will experience an incredible zesty flavor. You can also find him at IslandGeek

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